MSc in Bioinformatics 

Degree of MSc (Bioinformatics) Introduction

This programme offers either a one-year full-time or a 2-year part-time training programme leading to a M.Sc. The programme is designed for students who have relevant scientific and technical background to upgrade themselves and stay relevant to the 4th pillar of the Singapore economy - Biomedical Sciences. The curriculum will provide them with a skill-set for the creation of excellent, well-validated methods for solving problems in the domain of bioinformatics and related fields that will emerge as a consequence of Singapore’s drive in Biomedical Sciences research. The curriculum will cover biology; significant coursework in algorithms; biostatistics, probability; data analysis and data mining; a substantial number of computer related skills, information technology, and seminars.

How to register

New applicants, please note: Admission into this programme has been suspended indefinitely.

Applications are closed.

Academic year

Curriculum structure

Core Courses

BI6101 Introductory Biology
BI6102 Introductory Bioinformatics
BI6103 Computational Biology
BI6104 Biostatistics
BI6105 Advanced Biology
BI6106 Algorithms for Bioinformatics


Project Dissertation

Elective Courses

BI6121 High Performance Computing for Bioinformatics
BI6122 Biological Systems Modelling
BI6123 Methods and Tools of Proteomics
BI6129 Directed Reading
BI6190 Special Topics: Current issues in Genomics and Bioinformatics
BI6192 Integrative Bioinformatics, Data Analysis and Models in Genomics
BI6193 Current Computational Methods and Databases for Protein Sequence and Structure Analysis
CI6205 Database Systems


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Contact information

The MSc (Bioinformatics) programme is multidisciplinary that requires expertise from many areas of engineering and Biological Sciences. Hence the School of Computer Engineering administers this programme with the professors from following schools and institution:

and the following schools under the College of Engineering: